The best actress

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The best actresses

How do you know that a person has acting in their blood?  It's not enough just to have acting in your blood, the most important thing is to have stamina. Everyone can play, show off - after all, any direct personal communication is actually, in addition to speech itself, also mime (facial movement), musical (changing the pitch of the voice), dancing (gesturing with hands, moving the head, body, legs). It's a certain effort to make yourself visible, to stand out - exhibitionism, plus the ability to improvise, memory, correct articulation can be trained, and most importantly, such a person needs viewers, listeners.

The best actresses in the world

The latest results - the ranking on the FDB.cz website showed the following values:

1.    Angelina Jolie    
2.    Sandra Bullock
3.    Meryl Streep
4.    Julia Roberts
5.    Keira Knightley
6.    Milla Jovovich
7.    Natalie Portman    
8.    Nicole Kidman
9.    Jennifer Aniston
10.    Uma Thurman

Most successful actress

I will be an actress! Many parents probably don't like to hear this sentence from their children. In the minds of many people, artistic professions are still perceived as those that do not support a person and should therefore remain in the field of entertainment. It is true, however, that in art more than anywhere else the winged saying applies: Many are called, few are chosen.  Very important, in addition to assessing the talent of the child, is also his mental maturity. If we talk about secondary art schools in the sense of conservatories, it should be remembered that such schools make literally extreme demands on their students. In the matriculation studies, they must master not only compulsory general subjects (Czech language, foreign language...) but also theoretical subjects (e.g. theater history, or in the case of instrumental fields, the science of instruments or auditory analysis) and above all artistic subjects (acting education, playing an instrument) , ballet...). And hand on heart, few applicants can imagine this in their dream of a career as an actress. When you start the conservatory, hanging out with your friends ends and so does your childhood. Studying art is hard work. Is your child ready for this?

Top actresses

Vote for the best actresses too, see the list above. They will certainly be pleased with every vote.



1 year ago
It has always been true that appearance is important for the work of an actress. And for many, only beauty was enough for great success. But then there are also those who, in addition to beautiful curves and thick manes, abound with talent.
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