The most beautiful child

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The most beautiful child? Of course, for every mother, the most beautiful child is hers. But if she had to evaluate the most beautiful child, and it wasn't competing with her, then maybe it would work. Children are beautiful, innocent, there are many competitions on the topic of "the most beautiful child." How to evaluate?

The most beautiful child according to geometry

Perhaps you have already heard the term golden ratio (golden ratio) or in English golden ratio. It is a mathematical formula, the result of which is Phi - the most amazing number in the world, which signifies perfection. Geometric shapes derived from this item are considered aesthetically appealing in our culture.

The most beautiful child - golden cut

The Mona Lisa was painted, the pyramids in Giza were built, the statue of David was modeled, or logos for the Pepsi brand or the Twitter social network were created according to the golden ratio. Of the famous women, model Bella Hadid comes closest to the "divine proportion", whose face matches the golden ratio by 94.35 percent.

The most beautiful children, men, women

People who are generally considered beautiful have one thing in common: symmetry. A symmetrical face and figure means having everything in harmony both in shape and size - nothing too small or big or too round, flat or pointed.



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