The worst people

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The worst people in the country

Our portal is about who is the best in this or that country, depending on which page, in which country you are currently browsing. And logically, when you can vote here for who is the best actor, the most beautiful girl, or the best city, we also offer the opposite of "best" and "worst." The worst people in the country, such as mass or serial killers, dictators, cowards, traitors, but also current politicians or from past governments. We leave it up to the contestants to add.

The worst people in history

Usually the "worst people" will be revealed by history when their actions are thoroughly documented and proven in court. Such as Adolf Hitler or Jack the Ripper. Surprisingly, there are also people still alive who are not punished or convicted, such as Prince Harry's wife, Meghan, whom many people don't seem to need very much. So the worst people in the given country can still be interesting and it depends on the voters and the mood in the society.

The worst people

The best - the opposite, the worst. Many people think that this is a negative and negative survey, which perhaps should not be in an otherwise positive competition. But we think the opposite. Even evil must be shown and given a name and not pretend that it is not here. He's here, so let everyone know who he is, or at least who more people think he is.

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