We apologize for our speech, it is for these reasons that we are looking for an administrator for this language version of this country's page.

The project Votesforyou - the best in the given country was created in the Czech Republic in 2018, where it had a tremendous success, which continues there to this day. We added 30 countries, but I'm not that proficient in all languages ​​and we don't have the capacity to add articles, people and website visitors' reactions to emails or comments. That is why we are looking for colleagues to work with, preferably by example (Italian – Italian version of votesforyou, Spanish – Spanish version of votesforyou, etc.) Administration is not complicated.

The project earns from Google Ads advertising plus it allows to add SEO articles and more... Our idea is that a person interested in a website in his country will buy a domain, for example the Italian domain votesforoyu.it, or another one of his choice... And he will set up his web hosting and we we will give him 100% access, instructions and he will become the absolute administrator of the Italian version of the website. He can make money on the site, Google Ads advertising and all the money will go to him. He can change the design etc. Our only request will be that he keep the planet earth icon where anyone can get to another country in the votesforyou project.

And what for?

We will agree on the amount that the interested party will pay us once. And that's all. And then you'll forever own, for example, the Italian version of "votesforyou" and do whatever you want with it. Votesforyou has a great future in our opinion, so do you see it there? Think of it as a small investment that will pay you back 100x.

Interested, want to be a part of Votesforyou? Want to own and manage your country's version? Write, we will definitely agree. Is your country missing from Votesforyou? Within 1 month, we will set it up with the basic filling in of the personality.

Jakub Hladík
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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