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The greatest hero

Every country has its heroes. Hero or heroine comes from the Greek ἣρως. A hero, according to Wikipedia, usually has superhuman abilities or idealized character traits that allow him to behave in an unusual way and perform significant deeds ("heroic deeds") that make him famous and famous. But as we know, heroes are viewed differently in some countries. According to the sociological encyclopedia, a hero is an individual who has performed significant and courageous actions, usually at the risk of his own life, therefore he is presented as a model of behavior. According to another opinion, a hero must be brave, courageous or valiant. In short and simply, the term fear is definitely not in his vocabulary. A simple hero is a person who behaved heroically. Heroism can be viewed as exceptional behavior that occurs voluntarily and for the benefit of other people, carries significant risk, involves sacrifice, and is performed without expectation of personal gain. Or another point of view, the classic hero is an everyday person with an extraordinary quality or ability that they may not be aware of. So perhaps you already have a deeper idea of who is a hero, or even a superhero, and maybe you are one too? A hero doesn't have to, he could fly, have red rubber boots and shoot lightning from his eyes.

The greatest heroes

So every country has its heroes, classic sociological, animated, film and other heroes. Small and large, modest, known or unknown, etc. We think that every country should know its heroes and that's why we created taro sections on our portal, categories where you can vote for your heroes, add them, or comment. He will not interfere here, but we believe that there will be real heroes and that the most people will vote for them as well. Regardless of whether they are alive or dead. A dead hero, as it was said in one movie (Robocop), is more than a living hero.


As it was already said, written above, one of the qualities of a hero is modesty, that is, he does not present his heroic act or actions anywhere, he did not do them in order to be presented, on the contrary, he modestly says that everyone would grant it, so we on the contrary, we will present and the whole human society should join, because the "hero" is also a wonderful role model. And those positive role models are decreasing more and more. So share, let others know, let there be real heroes, role models of your country.


1 year ago
In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, classical heroes were often men of exceptional physical and intellectual ability who performed heroic deeds to gain fame, honor, and glory.
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