The most handsome man

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The ideal of not only male beauty changes from time to time. What was admired not so long ago by the predecessors, today is sometimes the opposite. For example, before In was muscular, active men, today preference is given to rather slim and intelligent ones. The criteria of male beauty are determined by women. In the same way, women determine the criteria of female beauty. It's just their territory, so we men won't talk to them about it. Below we will present objectively used criteria in the assessment of beauty.

The most beautiful man

A man's beauty cannot be compared to a woman's. While a woman's beauty is 80% about appearance, for a man it is 70% more about personality, which includes a sense of humor, a smile, a look, bravery, but also fame, power, position, abilities or property, and let's not forget I can control speech and language. There are simply men who can "smack" a woman! Women choose men based on how interesting they are, while men focus on looks. They simply want to have a woman as an ornament, like nice cars or a motorcycle, so they can brag about her. With age, he will understand that women also have inner beauty. But let's imagine at least the basic parameters that a handsome man should have.

The most beautiful men in the world

Parameters of beauty in men:
  • Height. In the assessment of male beauty, height is of great importance. Men of smaller stature often suffer from complexes
  • Sporty type. Today's ideal is a man who plays sports and is slim rather than strong.

  • Dark haired. For men, dark hair color and longer and long hair are preferred because girls usually prefer men with hair.

  • Charming. Physical beauty in both men and women is closely related to grace. Charm includes many things: chemistry, posture, gracefulness of movements, expression and its manner, positive thinking and tuning, self-confidence, mental maturity, education and also the way of non-verbal communication - eye language, voice color and tone of speech, facial expressions, gestures, attitudes and more... And charm lasts considerably longer than mere physical beauty, and at the same time it can be demonstrably increased or even acquired.

  • Intelligence. Of course, a higher IQ to the beauty of a man.

  • Debauchery. Unfortunately, women have always liked gangsters, rebels, negative guys. Positive heroes are just awkward and boring.

  • Trends. Beards are flying at the moment.


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