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Almost everyone likes music, even people without a musical ear. Playing a nice song will please almost everyone. Everyone has their favorite bands, performers, style of music, but what is your favorite male singer? Do you have someone who is number 1 for you? That's what our survey here is about. And if he is among them, support him and give him a vote. And if it's not there, please add it.

The best singer in the world

According to a poll by MusicRadar.com, the best singer in the world is Axl Rose, the frontman of the iconic rock group Guns N' Roses. He also beat Freddie Mercury, the famous singer of Queen, who ended up with silver. In order for a singer to be placed, he had to be the lead vocalist of the formation. He was not allowed to be exclusively a soloist with a backing band. For this reason, for example, Bruce Springsteen or Jimi Hendrix were not placed. Bruce Dickinson, the leader of Iron Maiden, and James Hetfield, the frontman of Metallica, succeeded in the fight for the best positions. They even got in front of Mick Jagger. But there are many of these polls, including ours, which is voted on by people from all over the world, and maybe you will vote too?

Best Male Vocalist

Male Vocals – A male voice is different from a female singer's voice. That's why we have a male singer category separate from the female singer category. An interesting thing about the voices is that men produce lower voices than women: this is due to the effect of testosterone during puberty, which lengthens the male vocal cords and thus lowers the frequency and the voice becomes deeper. That is why the male singer category and the female singer category are special. Because of the difference in their voices.

Have fun and vote for someone who deserves it.



1 year ago
The Czech and foreign music scene is full of stars, both permanent and constantly emerging. Do you have any idea who topped the imaginary rankings this year?
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