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Top most beautiful girls

We have a most beautiful woman category here on the website, but since we sometimes had "grandmothers" added there, because the woman is beautiful and older, I decided to make the category you are currently in, the category "the most beautiful girl." Yes, of course we mean the most beautiful in the country, not the world. You can then look at the most beautiful women in the world according to statistics on the website www.votesforyou.eu. We didn't give any rules to the categories, we leave it up to everyone who adds a woman or girl, but we assume that "the most beautiful girl is a woman under 30, and the most beautiful woman from 30... It's open there. So on our website there are 2 categories in terms of beautiful women, namely the most beautiful woman and the most beautiful girl. So when you add, please don't mix it up. I understand that a woman around 30 probably won't know where to rank, we leave it entirely up to her and her judgment.

The most beautiful girls, women

The real difference between a woman and a girl is not so much age, as everyone thinks, or the onset of menstruation, but rather the girl's realization that she is a woman. Some will never understand, others soon. See what are the main differences between a woman and a girl.

The most beautiful Girl or Woman?

Girls tend to expose themselves and think how sexy it is. A woman has already understood and can be sexy without revealing herself. A smart woman understood that imagination is sexier than plain nudity or cheap exposure.

  1. Women know that they don't have to bare everything to be sexy and attractive. They feel so comfortable in their own skin that they don't even have to worry about what they're wearing. They just know they're hot because they feel that way.
  2. While girls think and hope that a man simply knows how he feels, women already know that a man does not know anything and simply expresses everything necessary in words.
  3. Girls expect the man to pay for everything, the restaurant bill, transportation, etc. The woman is financially independent and can sometimes even pay for the man.
  4. Girls want to be pampered like daddy's little girls. A woman is happy when a man treats her with respect and kindness.
  5. Girls can get drunk at the bar. Women know their limits and know when to slow down.
  6. Women are so busy with real life that the last thing is bothering them
  7. Girls use social networks, commercial TV, etc., women read books.
  8. Girls are boring and can't hold a conversation. That's why they grind nonsense. Women know how to keep a conversation interesting and fun.
  9. Girls are boring and naive. Women are fascinating and magical.

These are the main differences, Now woman, girl, do you know where you belong?



1 year ago
Although the word "beauty" is an abstract concept, there are still individuals who do not understand anything, who try to give this word some, but mostly their own content and also try to make it more concrete somehow, unfortunately always in the direction of their subjective, but in their opinion, the best and the most refined taste. It is not known who gave them the right to determine what is beauty and what is beautiful and what is not beautiful. Apparently, only they themselves feel that they are the chosen ones.
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