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Russian army one of the strongest in the world! This is how the Russian army presented itself before it invaded Ukraine and unleashed a bloody war, which in their country was not allowed to be called a war, but a special operation. I laugh, the same way the Russian army revealed itself to the world. As one of the most pathetic, weakest armies in the world, just laughable. And not that only the soldiers themselves are to blame, but rather the absolutely incompetent leadership and even Putin, with the Minister of Defense Soygu, who constantly interfered without having any war experience or military schools.

The Russian army has completely ridiculed itself, thrown away its honor and the reputation it had, and now the whole world knows that it is only worth spitting and laughing at. From the current affairs report, the world learned about the Russian army:
- They shoot innocent civilians, just like that
- They torture civilians, tie their hands behind their backs, in one case cut off their scrotum and then shot him in the head
- The star of the Russian army was also a Russian cannibal who, instead of being in prison, was sent to war, along with many other prisoners, who were promised that their sentence would be lifted if they lasted more than 6 months.
- They rape women, but also retired women, unfortunately also children, animals
- They bomb civilian schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and churches full of civilians
- Putin honors the biggest outcasts, then the murderers
- Instead of distancing itself from these atrocities, Russia admits them, even brags about them with sentences like "Let them fear us."
- According to records, Russian soldiers do not have enough food, water, clothing, equipment, etc
- Russian soldiers steal and have stolen items sent home by train
- Many of them don't even want to fight, they see the immorality of war
- Corruption in the Russian army caused many heavy equipment to be robbed of shields, etc.
- Russian tanks proved to be the weakest and most vulnerable in the world. One shot is all it takes and the whole tank explodes, the turret flies off. The charges are senselessly under the crew, not in the cover behind it.

So the Russian army presented itself: An uncoordinated, hungry gang without weapons, food or drink, which rapes women, children and grandmothers. They steal and what they don't steal they break. And then when the real soldiers come, they cowardly run away. And the worst of the worst will be awarded by the president himself. For killing civilians, stealing other nastiness. Is this the strongest army in the world? To laugh and get close.

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