The best political party

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The worst political party in the country

Most aware people who are not indifferent to the political situation in the country should be at least partially familiar with political parties. There are also those individuals who stick with one as a loyal voter for their whole life, or, on the contrary, those who change them like socks.

Which political party to vote for?

When I remember my sister, whom I asked why she voted for that political party, she answered that because she liked their president, that he was said to be "sexy." She did not know more about him, nor about the political party side, let alone focus, program and more. Oh yeah. Should such a person vote or rather not vote? In any case, we didn't blame her, everyone has the right to an opinion, to their truth, to choose this or that, and it's a shame to argue, swear, fight, or end relationships because of it. I have already given up on explanations. Today, misinformation is everywhere that even I am sometimes not sure if what I really believe is correct or not.

Political party

What is that political party anyway? Everyone knows it, but not everyone can explain it simply. According to the encyclopedia, a political party is a political organization that nominates candidates for public office under its own name, and then promotes a certain ideology, or is created for the purpose of solving a problem. It is not so simple even for an encyclopedia. The term political parties is very broad, and therefore its exact definition is difficult. Anyway, people with the same political shit are closer to each other. For example, the "right" is more managers and entrepreneurs, while the left is more employees and humanists.

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