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The best video

What is the best video in your country? From a creator in your country? Yes, not in the world, but in your country. Maybe it's your video? Try it and sign it up. Best video, please choose the best one that you liked this year, that you just did, regardless of genre, topic and content. The only condition is that it must be a real video made by an author who comes from this country. The best video of the year, there can only be one, so on purpose, which will win in the end!

TOP 10 video

Slowly but surely, video is displacing text from the internet scene. How? Today, around 1.5 billion people around the world log on to YouTube every day, where they spend an average of 1 hour watching videos. According to a survey by CISCO, by 2021, 82% of Internet traffic will be provided by video format. With NOT by text. Do you still think that videos do not have their place in the field of online promotion in the 21st century? Don't underestimate video production. And with us you can vote and the best video in your country. Vote, add youtube videos and comment. Have a fun.


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