The best politician

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The best politician in the country? What exactly is a politician, what exactly does it mean, where does the word come from? Politician is from the Greek politikos (πολιτικός – civil, state, public), polites (πολίτης – citizen, countryman), and polis (πόλις – city, village, state). So much encyclopedia. Generally speaking, a politician is a person actively engaged in all public affairs, influencing them, making decisions, voting. The functions of politicians in history differ according to the regime that rules the country, communism, dictatorship, but in contemporary democracies, politicians are elected in a democratic way, with the help of an electoral system.

The best politician

You know those shots of politicians at meetings. Most of them are asleep, bored, annoyed and would rather be somewhere else. But then there are politicians who can't be overlooked, who can't be overlooked when they speak, they have a head and a heel, they listen well, and their upward path rises along with the popularity of humanity. Politicians who really do their job, fight for the party, the people, a better tomorrow. And they deserve to be here and you give them a voice. If someone does a good job, why not mention them here and vote for them. If your politician is missing here, please add him, he will surely be pleased to be in the category where the best politicians in the country are voted for.

The best politicians

The best politicians will not only have many votes here, they will be at the head of the voting, but the best are usually written down in the history of the country and even after many centuries people talk about them and nod, yes, he did this or that for the country and he was amazing. Yes, if you want to do something for the country, something big, you probably have to go into politics.

The best politicians in the world?

For example, who are and were the best politicians in the world? American President Barack was successful, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel earned a very positive evaluation. On the contrary, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev are the worst in the long term. But many people may have a completely opposite opinion about it, so vote for those who you really think are the best politicians.

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