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Best village

vote for the best village, village village. Everyone can win, just if as many people can vote for her. And if he stays in leading positions all year, more people will be interested in the village and there will certainly be more tourism. So there are benefits. I personally, and we are also a small village, would please me if she won. So far he is among the last, so we will see.

Best villages

The best village should be the one where the people are most satisfied. Where do they have the highest quality life? Qualities could be based on 29 criteria showing the level of health, the environment, the availability of health care, optimal material conditions (work, housing and education), sufficiency of services and also relationships between people (for example in the form of local associations and the like).

The best place to live

The aim of our project - the competition is to encourage the inhabitants of the countryside to actively participate in the development of their home, to publish diversity and variety of implementing programs of renovation of villages and to draw the general public to the importance of the countryside. In addition, the inhabitants of the village, the village should be proud that their villages are among the competitors and that they may even win. But it seems that most people in the villages do not care. People = e z & nbsp; cities vote more and try to make their city won.


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